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Road map


Q2 | WEAR3 Project Kick off

Communication V.1

Q3 | WEAR3 Marketplace launch

Creators engagement

Community building

Communication V.2

Q4 | WEAR3 NFT Alpha drop

Brand collabs

First physical production


Q1 | WEAR3 Next

Wear2Earn launch


This is a marketplace for digital-first fashion creators, a decentralized system led by its own community. When we say we invest in the physical production of digital garments, we mean it. This is possible thanks to our DAO approach.

On WEAR3 we give creators visibility. You can sell your assets on the marketplace while showcasing them. You can aspire to emerge in the digital fashion scene and beyond. WEAR3 offers you the concrete chance to produce the most popular digital creations in the physical world and enter the mainstream fashion line from a unique starting point.

On WEAR3 the community controls choices and decisions via what its users purchases on the marketplace, since purchases are the expression of what community members like or dislike. The community also endorses which are the most popular and valuable creations to be featured in the physical world.

In short, the community votes the assets, determines the success of garments and creators and favors the physical production of the most popular designs.

On WEAR3 we use a Governance Token to manage all the decisions via smart contract and a DAO process. Our aim is to create a brand entirely led by the community’s choices.

WEAR3 features an autonomous blockchain fund that increases with every purchase made in the marketplace and generates earnings for the whole community, from creators to NFTs owners. The fund is owned by the community itself and it is what enables investments in the physical production of garments.

WEAR3 pays attention to sustainability and the choice of the blockchain to mint NFTs was naturally influenced by it. Ethereum is the standard when it comes to smart contract, but the stellar gas fees and the considerable consumption necessary for its operation convinced us to look for a more sustainable option. For this reason, we choose to work on the Polygon Network.

Polygon is a protocol and a framework for building and connecting Ethereum-compatible blockchain networks. Its energy efficiency and negligible usage fees make it perfect for making the purchase of NFT affordable for everyone.


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